Thursday 18 January

Today we left early for Masai Mara. Once we got to our tents, we ate lunch, got to swim for a little bit. Then we got to go on a three hour safari, where we got to see many different animals including: hyenas, lions, wilderbeasts. We now have some down time before dinner, and then we're really early for a 6:30 game drive.

Wednesday 17 January

Today we had more of a relaxing day. We started our day by taking a tour of the Kijabe Printing Press. Afterwards, the president of Moffat Bible College and his wife gave us a tour of the College.

Then we went to lunch at Mama Chiku here in Kijabe. Then were able to peruse the local shop. Then we returned to RVA and performed at the Titchie Chapel (the elementary students). Following our performance, we got to meet with an 8th grader named Andrew who is interested in puppets. Even his mom was interested, and mentioned that there are some 6th graders that showed an interest.

We had dinner with the Wagner's and went over last minute details for our trip tomorrow. We will be going to Mara Safari Club (Masai Mara) for an overnight safari in which we will be sleeping in tents.

Still trying to work on getting pictures uploaded.

Tuesday 16 January

Today we spent the day in Nairobi. We started the day at the AFEW Giraffe Center. There we were able to feed the giraffes. Some members of the team even put the food pellets in their mouth for the giraffe to eat, and some even got to pet a giraffe.

Then we went to the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. While there we were able to see an elephant named Ambo, which is the elephant that the granddaughters of one of our members, Diana, adopted.

Afterwards we went to the Nyumbani AIDS Orphanage. While there we had lunch with some of the children, and then did a puppet performance for them.

Upon returning to Moffat Guest House, a monkey (who has now been named Marcel) tried to come in through the window.

I will try to post some pictures of our trip so far in another post.


Today was a busy day for us performance wise. We traveled down into Rift Valley for all our performances. First we went to an orphanage called Cornerstone Prepatory Academy, and did two performances there. Afterwards we went to lunch at Café Ubuntu. After lunch, we did another performance at another orphanage called Prayer Beyond Boundaries. After our last performance, we came back to the guesthouse to relax and unwind this evening.

Sunday, 14 January

This morning we went to a Sunday School outreach in Rift Valley with the missionaries we're working with (Brian and Missy Wagner) and some of the students from RVA. Then we were able to worship with the RVA students and faculty at their church service.

After the service, the Wagner's, and their son, had us over to their house for lunch and we were able to spend the afternoon with them.

Spreading God’s Word Through Our Hands!  

Psalm 119:73 “Your hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments.”